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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Year 2016

Its been months since I came on my blog to scribbles any lines. I did manage to write a few recipes for my daughter who is studying in South wales, but any procrastinations on my part were limited to my mind, and to my other creative works like the concepts I develop, scripts I write etc.
In the last few months, like any other phase of my life, a number of sporadic interesting professional and personal incidences happened. First I left DD, then I immediately got couple of films to do, then I met a few strange people from the Delhi TV industry9 some very senior, some acting who proved to me, that even at this stage and career in my life, people can make a fool of me !!! But every experience teaches you who to trust and who not I would take it as a lesson well learnt! Then I came to know that my niece ( brother's daughter) is coming to stay with me as she got through in one of the prestigious colleges of DU ( LSR). After four years of living alone, now I not only have company, but taking care of a kid ( well shes a big girl but kids will be kids for us) in the house again, is nice! And a kid that's submissive! ;) LOL!
.... and finally, I got some good news regarding my long forgotten dear debut film, Music Meri Jaan, that its being showcased in a film festival early Sept . All in all, a happening first half of 2016!
I never complain about the ups and downs and slides of my very enigmatic life! Not a single day is the same! Not a single day can be predicted! Not a single day is bad :)
Hence, I decided to come back to my slightly ignored blog, and put down a few of the still happening things awaiting this year to take me by storm!
1. My film MMJ having been selected for this film fest in Lonavla ( LIFFI) has given a spring to my step, and a bounce to my heart, and has made me think, that its still not TOO late! There is still SOME hope left for the release of my film, that my whole team toiled to make it happen! Maybe that little lining peeping out of that grey cloud is shining and giving me some message! My resolve to send my film to more festivals is now stronger! So MMJ ready to go to many more fests!!!

2. To get empanelled as Producer/Director at Bihar Film Development Corporation has lifted my mood! Now the time has come to not only make some good films on/about/in Bihar but also contribute my bit for the people, society and culture of Bihar. And my planning has started , where I have already read a great book by my award winning writer Mom and I feel that nothing could be better than her novel HASINA MANZIL for a film in Bihar!!! Fingers Crossed.

3. Film For Change~My documentary ' Kinnar Gatha: Prem Ki Bhasha' has been well shot, and documented and is ready for the final editing...soon to be released for all to see! This issue of transgenders is not just a subject for my film, but an issue that has touched me, stirred me, worried me. I hope my purpose of making atleast a couple of films for change every year, is fulfilled with this film. Completely funded by me, I aim to do my bit for this cause and hope to see these fairly misunderstood and misinterpreted class get accepted in all walks of life sometime in future!

3.On personal front, my aim to connect more with family, friends and myself ( mind, body and soul) somehow is on its way to achievement! I feel that as we grow older, these are the three things that really matter! hence, my goal will be achieved...or is already on its path of fulfilment! With the forthcoming Varanasi trip with 10 of my school buddies in Sept..and the impending arrival of my dotty in Dec...hmmmmm...lots to watch out !

4. In the last 6 Months, Ive desperately tried to enter the huge world of GEC. Had some very detailed narrations of my own ideas at Colours and Star Plus channels. somehow, things haven't moved although people have liked my ideas! My aim is to not lose resolve, and positivity and keep on trying...and trying...until I succeed! And succeed I will! :)

So Next few months are set!!!!

Thats called Forward Planning!

Oh yes last but not the least...must finish my next book anyhow this year!!!!!