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Tanuja Shankar

Sunday, December 13, 2009


We city birdies sometimes get numb...with so much sound around us...of vehicles,generator,ACs,constructions,pressure cookers,office humdrum etc we even realise that we need to just let go of ourselves and breathe IN fresh crisp air? Do we even notice the chirping of birds in the wee hours of morning? maybe not...because we are tossing and turning on our beds trying to catch that extra minute before the alram shreaks up and wakes us up...
Our numbness makes us exhausted, lethargic and listless...eyes heavy with sleep even when we have had a 7 hour nocturnal rest! Our numbness makes us crave to be in the lap of nature..go back to the old days of running around in the courtyard of our family home..makes us yearn to just close our eyes and hear the sounds of nature!
I experienced all that recently at a village resort close to Gurgao, called Surjeevan...a must day-visit if you want to just be away from the grind n grime of city life..a serene village ambience, huts for a comfortable stay..enough amenities for a cozy sojourne...tasty grub to tickle your palate...and far far from the maddening crowd!
What more can anyone ask for?

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