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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Mithila Food With A Twist :)

Sunday, Feb 4, 2018 One full year later here are three traditional recipes from my home turf.. Mithila region of Bihar.. Moong Sanna or Mashed Seasoned Lentils, Rice Chapatis & healthy greens sauted & seasoned. For Moong Sanna or Chokha you need roasted yellow moong daal, chopped onions, grated garlic & ginger, chopped green chillies, salt and lemon juice. First pressure cook the Moong Daal in water enough to dry cook it and not like curry, hence put 1:1.5 lentils & water and give couple of whistles, lower flame and simmer for 5-рем mins before you will get dry but cooked lentils. Mash it. Add remaining ingredients. Mix well. Dash of lemon juice will complete your Chokha! For the Mixed Saag, take half cup each, chopped. Boil with just half cup water & salt. After a couple of whistles take the cooked saag out. Mash it well. Now add a Spoonful Makke Ka Atta ( not corn flour) the coarse variety. Now mix well & season with red chillies, cummin seeds in hot smoky mustard oil. For Rice Chapatis, mix onions seeds, caraway seeds, salt in flour and make a loose dough with warm water. Roast them from both sides like a normal chapati or paratha on a girdle or flat pan. Smear Ghee on hot Chapatis and enjoy with Moong Chokha & Saag!

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